Top 3 key benefits of exchange rate alerts

Are you used to follow exchange rate evolution? Thanks to the exchange rate alerts you don’t have to worry about it anymore. An exchange rate notification allows you to save time and save money and it’s totally free and personalised on moneytis website. Find bellow the different explications.

No effort to track the exchange rate & save money

When you subscribe to an exchange rate notification tool, you don’t have to pay attention to the exchange rate variation. The tool will send you an email in real time or push you Facebook messenger notifications.  Here are the different kinds of alerts:

Top alert

When the exchange rate is good, it’s a good time to send money

Awesome alert

When the exchange rate is very good, it’s an exceptional case, it really is one of the best moments in the year to exchange currencies.

No go alert

When it’s not a good time to send money abroad.

Thanks to these alert you can receive notifications when the exchange rate has significantly changed.


When the exchange rate is good it means that it has recently changed in your favor, you can save more money by transferring money at this moment than when the exchange rate is in a bad situation.

Exchange rate alerts are free, personalised and easy to subscribe

Let’s take the example of Moneytis’ alerts. You have a simple way to subscribe.  Let your email on the website, you will receive the alerts by email

Afterwards you will start receiving exchange rate notifications. Use them to transfer money at the best moments.

I’m sure you will agree that an exchange rate alert helps to save time and money. Moreover, it’s totally free. No need to watch the exchange rates every 5 minutes on Xe or Oanda websites. Feel free to share the good news around you.


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