My name is Exchange Rate. Guess how I feel!

When I was born my parents surprisingly decided to call me Exchange. And their surname is Rate. Just guess how I feel now. I’m totally lost. I feel so bad sometimes when I realize that I am being used to wrap people in the fur just for financial reasons. That’s probably the reason why I am the most lunatic guy ever.

Exchange Rate, where are you from?

My parents were clowns. I think they wanted to make a joke. Not a simple joke. The longest joke ever. I have never had stability but I found good ways to have a clear view on my different personalities. Moneytis is one of the place I feel the best. Indeed it’s clearly stated how much joy I have depending on the different persons I feel like I am. There should be only one Exchange Rate but we are many inside. I hope one day I will be the best exchange rate. Or simply the mid exchange rate. Because right now I sense I am multiple Exchange Rates at the same time and that doesn’t sound right.


Exchange Rate, how do you feel really?

I have sinusoidal moments but also exponential ones. Sometimes I’m down, some others I’m high. It’s hard for me to have clear ideas except when I’m at moneytis, the most transparent place I can live in. I would like to settle there and merge all my beings but right now I still have very lunatic moments. It comes from the fact that I’m used by bad guys. They use me. They change me. All these changes in order to earn money. Just for money? Really? Money is a means, not an end… However I would like to communicate to them that if they continue I would send my head abroad or simply disappear internationally.

Please. I hope you hear me. Don’t use me anymore. I want to be one again. I think I was born unique and having so many different beings is not easy. Thank you moneytis for helping me sorting things out. Hope you will keep helping.

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