Covercy exchange rates user analysis

What about Covercy exchange rates? Users often wonder which money transfer operator offers the best rates. Covercy is one of the best ones. According to moneytis comparison website we can analyse where Covercy offers better exchange rates than competitors.


Exchange rate applied by Covercy from Israel (ILS) to France (EUR)

I tried sending money from Israel to France. The result was interesting. Covercy is by far the cheapest solution according to

For example, it costs me 20 euros more to send 1000 euros to France. I’m quite happy to use Covercy in this case. And here is the exchange rate user analysis from Israel to France: “Covercy is currently providing the best exchange rates for multiple amounts to France. We recommend to use a comparison service before using the website, just because the exchange rates are changing all the time and they also change depending on the mid-market exchange rate.


Exchange rate applied by Covercy from Israel (ILS) to the United States (USD)

For 50’000 ILS Covercy is not the cheapest solution from Israel to the United States. Indeed the exchange rates available show one which is cheaper. However we have to keep in mind that Covercy remains the most easy-to-use solution according to the easiness notation given by the website moneytis. This notation is based on the time needed for processing the transfer but also on means we have to use in order to proceed to the transaction. For example there is a better notation if it’s possible to do 100% of the process online.

Covercy is a great system but we have to keep in mind that it’s always better to use a comparison service first. Just to guarantee for sure that you have the best exchange rates at this moment. Moneytis is probably the most accurate way to do it.

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